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The Basics
There are 104 cards numbered from 1 to 104. Every card has at least 1 small flag on it, which will score against you. The deck is shuffled and players are dealt 10 cards each. 4 more are dealt up on the table to form the start of 4 rows.
When each player has chosen a card from their hand, these are revealed and put on the ends of the rows according to simple rules.

As the rows get longer, a row with 5 cards in it is full. If your card is to be the 6th, you pick up the 5 cards in the row, and your 6th card goes to the front to restart the row. The cards you pick up do not go into your hand, but sit in front of you to score against you at the end of the round. Play rounds until someone hits 74 (the minimum speed of a hurricane) and the lowest score wins.

The game plays from 2 to 10 players and the dynamics change the more you have. Whilst luck of the draw has effect, there are some tactics you can apply and timing your choice makes a difference.

As a slight rule difference between 6 Nimmt! and Category 5, 6 Nimmt! ends when one player has a score greater than 66, and Category 5 ends when one player has a score greater than 74.

The new version is called Slide 5.

How to Play
Where to Play Online
Cheat Sheets (from the Geek)
  • Not needed
Game Hints
  • Opinion: I enjoyed this game as a filler.
  • Online: Works fine online, and a great way to learn the game.
  • Work: Real quick play time, could be played multiple times after lunch.
  • Home: A good family game, probably a good math game for little kids.

Other Info
  • Plays best with: Works fine with 2-10 players, best with 4-8 (others say 4-10).
  • Gateway Suitability: Very easy to learn.
  • Spouse Suitability: Chrissy has played this, and thinks its very easy (and random).
  • Re-playability: It doesn't see table action, except as a filler.
  • Real Life Setup: A few minutes, just shuffle the cards and deal
  • Real Life Time/Length: 30 minutes (less if you play online, or with fewer rounds).
  • Geek Link:

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