Saturday, July 11, 2009


The Basics
Description: Lexio is a game based on the traditional Chinese game system of "Zhengshangyou", the climbing game, and is virtually the same game as Big Two (also known as Chinese Poker). There are many other card games based on the same mechanism (The Great Dalmuti, Gang of Four, Tichu, etc.), but Lexio uses tiles similar to those in Mah Jong instead of cards, and they are of excellent construction. In accordance with Chinese tradition, the number "2" is the strongest number. The suits are named after the sun, the moon, the stars and the wind.

How to Play: I would recommend coming and asking me. Then again the Marquand site is easy to learn from. If you ever played Tichu, Big Two you dont need a real explanations.

Where to Play Online

Cheat Sheets (from the Geek)

Game Hints
  • Basic Strategy: None, I don't want you to beat me.
  • My Tips: Play it often
  • Opinion: I love Lexio (and Big Two). It is an easy game to learn and becomes very addictive. I can teach it and go over it at lunch time, at the house or online.
  • Online: Works great online
  • Work: Very easy to play at lunch time.
  • Home: Great game for the family or a couple.

Other Info

  • Plays best with: Works fine with 5, but 2-4 is ok as well. But 2 player I would rather play Big Two.
  • Gateway Suitability: Very easy to learn, might take a round to grasp.
  • Spouse Suitability: Chrissy likes this.
  • Re-playability: Very high, more so if folks like Poker (or nice tiles).
  • Real Life Setup: A few minutes, just placing take the tiles out of the box and hand out some chips.
  • Real Life Time/Length: Depends on how many rounds you choose. It can take 20 minutes, it could take more.
  • Geek Link:

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