Friday, June 20, 2008


The Basics
Description: Players are merchants of the Hanseatic League. Players take control of the ship and buy and sell goods, establish trading posts, and sail to find new markets. The board is a very simple map of Scandinavia, with arrows from point to point restricting where the boat is able to move. Active player takes control of boat and must pay to move to each new city where he may either buy, sell, or expand. Players want sets of goods that they can trade for victory points, but also need to expand market presence to generate revenue.

How to Play

Where to Play Online

Cheat Sheets (from the Geek)

Game Hints Views
  • Opinion: Not a big fan of the game. But worth playing and is enjoyable.
  • Online: Works fine online.
  • Work: Would work for lunch time play, would rather play other games.
  • Home: Would rather play another game.

Other Info

  • Plays best with: Works fine with 2-4 players, best with 2.
  • Gateway Suitability: Easy to learn for most. Not a gateway game, as subject is boring to non gamers.
  • Spouse Suitability: Chrissy hasn't played.
  • Re-playability: For me it is low.
  • Real Life Setup: A few minutes of sorting pieces.
  • Real Life Time/Length: 45 minutes.
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