Thursday, May 01, 2008

What Is This Blog About?

What is my blog about?

For Me: I got a link to send to someone who saw a cool game I am playing online or in-person.

How useful will this blog be:

If your new to boardgames: Very, just ask and I'll point you to a game posting that will be helpful.
If your kinda new: Very, just go through the blog, to something that seems fun or something you always wanted to try.
If you saw something on my bookshelf or my desktop at work: Very useful, just email, call, text me or walk over and I'll point out some good games we can learn and try out.
If your a pro: Not at All, just go to the Geek and find what you want

In Conclusion, I hope you enjoy and find the blog useful, and eventually migrate over to . Then you wont need to use this blog any longer, unless you want to push games on others or want to see what I am playing.


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