Friday, August 22, 2008


The Basics
Description: Tikal is a game of exploration within the Central American jungles in search of lost temples and the treasures within. Players send their team of explorers into the jungle, exposing more and more of the terrain. Along the way you find temples which require further uncovering and treasures. Players attempt to score points for occupying temples and holding onto treasure.

Tikal is the first game of the Mask Trilogy.

How to Play
Where to Play Online

Cheat Sheets (from the Geek)

Game Hints
  • Opinion: I enjoy this game. Forgot it was a fun game, need a few more plays for a final opinion.
  • Online: Works fine online, if not better online.
  • Work: To for lunch time play, but more than fine with online play.
  • Home: Solid, but not a great game for the family or a couple.

Other Info

  • Plays best with: Works fine with 2-4 players, best with 4.
  • Gateway Suitability: Not a gateway game, might take a few games to grasp.
  • Spouse Suitability: Chrissy hasn't played this yet.
  • Re-playability: It does not see table action with me.
  • Real Life Setup: A few minutes, just sorting tiles.
  • Real Life Time/Length: 120 minutes.
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